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Hotline:亚洲城ca88娱乐官网-99aa0007121 |18006810314

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Company introduction

Shenzhen, the truly international investment consulting co., LTD(The international cheng)Formerly known as CanadaDCWT Law OfficeWas established1986Years,Is a Canadian government certification of Saskatchewan, a law firm,The main immigration laws,Commercial law,The criminal law,Civil justice。Has several Canadian immigration lawyers and commercial lawyer。

After 30 years of development,If the business has been all over the world,In the coming year,We still stick to treat every customer as family,Introduce the best solution to customers,From consulting to deal with,To reach the final goal,And follow-up service,As meet for the first time that the heart。

President's remarks

Wang Pei
Leo Wang
Deng Haoming
Harman Deng
Han Xiaodi
Daniel Han
Zheng Zhen
Nancy Zheng

Tao cheng group,For immigrants from overseas students gain independence、Independent、Let the children become more confident!

HClassmates,A local high school students in Shanghai。My father is a very famous local Shanghai civil engineers,Since the childhood parents will pour into the painstaking effort to cultivate children into a good engineer。While the students are very smart,But introverted shy,High school three year's result is not ideal,After graduating from high school,The parents decided to send children to study abroad in Canada。

Immigration to Canada,Achievements and future happiness

ZMr Has been eager to give children to create a high quality education to the environment ,In the early2009He has immigrated to Canada at the end of the plan。ZMr Was born1977Years,At that time, English education has not gained popularity, It is difficult to do technical guarantee with employers,English is not necessary in all investment immigrant categories,Only the requirements of Saskatchewan in Canada is low,A review on the source of funds also less strict。

A family of four successful to Malta permanent residence status

A family of four successful to Malta permanent residence status

CECImmigrants,Must find the most suitable for their own professional

HMiss,2008In domestic high school graduation,Be admitted to york university double major in finance courses,In the same year10In the United States financial crisis,Joint caused by the Canadian economy。Local services first,The unemployment rate in the4Months rose7.9%,Cause the attention of many Chinese students。HThrough the friend introduction to know miss family of employment planning services,So arrangedHMiss in with us2009First meeting of the year,I didn't think of that begins for a meet5Years of cooperation。

CEC Immigrants,Let me26With his peers at the age of stand out

SClassmates2007In domestic high school graduation,Was admitted to the domestic famous universities in nanjing university。ButSStudents prefer foreign university life as well as the education system,His sister is institute of Shanghai international studies university,Support brother study abroad very much。In her sister's encouragement,SStudents pass up a chance to study in nanjing university,At the end of the freshman,Transfer to Waterloo university, Canada。2008Years9Month,SStudents with great expectations economic science came to the university of Waterloo。Later found,This is is the beginning of the study in nightmare。

【Case sharing】Immigrants in Malta,Enjoy a higher quality life

Immigrants in Malta,Enjoy a higher quality life

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